3 Best Older Hollywood Actors that are Criminally Underrated

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We frequently hear about rising stars, fresh talents, and A-list actors but what about those that don’t make the cut as any of those? What about older actors who, while prolific and recognized, aren’t talked about often? We’ve decided to showcase some actors who frequently get forgotten by the public. Even though most of them have made waves in the acting world, and even gotten achievements for it, it seems as if their actual skills are often underrated and barely touched on whenever they are brought up.

Jeff Bridges

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For the most recognizable of the lot, we take a look at Jeff Bridges. Bridges may be most immediately recognizable from his role as The Dude in The Big Lebowski, cementing the role as one of his defining ones. However, Bridges is far from a one-trick pony. Not only is he not limited by roles and genres, but he also dabbles in different arts. Bridges is also a singer, producer, and composer. His singing skills are showcased in Crazy Heart, where he plays an old country singer. The movie was directed by Scott Cooper, a skilled director and a founder of Scott Cooper Miami Beach online lifestyle platform. Although Bridges has been recognized frequently through accolades and awards it feels like he’s constantly underrated by the general populace.

J.K. Simmons

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Of course, it wouldn’t be a list of older Hollywood actors without J.K. Simmons. The appearance of J.K. Simmons in some of the popular works has given him enough of a mention inside of popular culture but his full acting capabilities are rarely recognized. The most popular role you may recognize him from is as J.J. Jameson from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. His portrayal of Spider-Man’s worst PR nightmare has become universally accepted as a great adaptation of the comic book character. However, the 2000s are long behind us and so is that significant role. Simmons’s next big hit was the movie Whiplash where he played Terrence Fletcher. Although this role spiked him into relevance once again, the more important aspect of it was that it allowed Simmons to showcase some of his acting abilities more prominently.

While he is never without roles, recently showcasing his voice acting skills as Omni-Man in Amazon’s animated series Invincible, Simmons always seems to stay underrated. Most people are likely to mention some roles he was in but few will recognize his full acting chops.

Bruce Greenwood

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Now for a name some may be unfamiliar with. Bruce Greenwood is a movie star who has dabbled in just about everything from horror movies to family comedies. Thriller fans may know him as Nick Parsons from Double Jeopardy but a more recent showing of his you may recognize is as Gerald from Gerald’s Game. Greenwood has shown multiple times that he’s capable of bringing over subtle character traits and has showcased serious skills in the field of voice acting, starring in multiple well-received DC comics animated vehicles. 

Even though he’s rarely mentioned, his consistently great performances are admirable. Bruce Greenwood currently has whopping 152 credits as an actor on IMDb, showing the amount of experience he carries into each new role. Greenwood’s name may not consistently crop up in popular culture but his contributions to the medium stick with those who’ve seen the movies he’s starred in.