5 Reasons Why Movie Hostiles is a Treat for Classic Western Movie Fan

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At the very thought of western movies, we are sure that we all have the same associations: the war between Indians and Americans, horses, the endless prairie and dust. We all go back to that a bit forgotten time for a moment and good old movies. And what do you think about the modern western?!

Still, Scott Jason Cooper continued Donald E. Stewart’s unfinished story in his own way in 2017 and put it on the movie screen. This is American revisionist Western. His masterpiece “Hostiles” was created and it is still popular today.

Although many doubt the western genre of this film, we offer you 5 reasons why movie hostiles are a treat for classic western movie fans!

Movie title

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The title of this film is typically western. As we are used to when it comes to this genre, we can directly guess from the title what follows. The title itself “Hostiles” refers to the term used by the American cavalry when describing the armed American Indians. Just as the two sides were irreconcilable at the time, so in the film itself: there is irreconcilable animosity between Joseph Blocker, and the captain in the U.S. Cavalry, and Yellow Hawk, chiefs of the Cheyenne tribe. Their hostility is not only ideological but is based on actions and facts. However, at the end of the film itself, we are sure that you will ask yourself: who are the real enemies here?!


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As we are used to with western films, survival is something that accompanies the whole plot of this film. It is not just about survival in a given time and desert conditions, but it is also about emotional, physical and moral survival. Every figure of this film has been brought to its limits. A well-known feeling from cult western movies: even though they are alive, there are many reasons to feel like their life is over. Cruelty is an integral part of survival, but also a western.

Pyrotechnic devices

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Western is not western if we don’t have frequent scenes where everything burns, bursts, rumbles. Simply put, you have to deal well with flammable materials in western movies. In this film, Cooper really tried not to give up on the old western classics. As a former actor, he was well aware of how it all should work, and he succeeded.

Time and place

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The plot of this great film is located in the territory of New Mexico in 1892. typical western! The whole designed ambiance in which the action of the film takes place, and even at first glance exudes the spirit of a western. Dust, feathers, horses, revolvers.. Maybe the camera quality is much better, the sound more consistent than what we are used to in westerns, but still, without a doubt, fans of old westerns liked it.

Tension and character psychology

The dramatic tension is present from the very beginning of the film until its end. Hardly that this movie can leave anyone indifferent. That’s what we expect from a western. The tension is also seen on the faces of the characters in the film. Life did not caress them, it exhausted all the joy of life from them, and they continue to fight bravely as if they had something to defend. Tortured faces show suffering but also perseverance. Not only hats and revolvers but also the psychology of the characters irresistibly reminiscent of a western.