Build 22000.120 still didn’t fix major taskbar and Start menu issues


Sorry to disappoint, but this blog is mostly about Windows 10, not Windows 7 or 8. The Windows 10 team has delivered a few fixes for this build, but I’m still seeing the same major issues on my system that I’ve been pointing out for over a year.

In last month’s build, Microsoft has been attempting to fix a taskbar and Start menu issue that was originally reported in Build 22000. After widespread complaints, the company seems to have finally delivered a modicum of improvement. However, there are still issues that remain unresolved.

Build 22000.120 still didn’t fix major taskbar and Start menu issues: For several weeks now, a number of users of the Windows 10 Insider program have reported a number of issues regarding the Start menu and the taskbar. These issues include: a) Taskbar takes too long to move: b) Taskbar/system icons are not updated when the Start menu is used: c) Taskbar does not show icons correctly: d) Start menu is not visible when using a mouse: e) Start menu does not show the correct menu items: f) Start menu is not visible on long menus: g) Start menu shows start menu items that are not correct:


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  • Even though Microsoft said in the release notes of the new version that it addressed some of the previous difficulties we were having, those issues continue to exist. 
  • Windows 11 is far from being a more reliable experience, with issues ranging from context menu problems to severe taskbar and Start menu failures.
  • Users are reporting problems that are identical to those reported two builds ago, leaving them to question how Microsoft is addressing the issues if they are still present.
  • This page maintains track of the problems and issues that degrade the user experience on Windows 11’s latest 22000.120 version.


As is to be anticipated given that Windows 11 is still in beta, the new version has a number of problems that were either overlooked during development or are completely new.

Nonetheless, the community is quick to report these problems, and Microsoft has more than enough information to go forward and make the required changes.

In this post, we’ll look at the issues that are wreaking havoc on the new build’s user experience.

Bugs and problems in Windows 11 Insider build 22000.120

On files and folders, the context menu still flickers.

Even though Microsoft claimed in the release notes that they fixed the issues with context menus that customers had, the reality seems to be a little different.

People are still having trouble with this problem, according to reports, even on the latest version.

To say the least, the context menu hasn’t proven to be a reliable experience. It works part of the time, but other times it appears under other layers on your desktop, or it doesn’t function at all, or it simply flickers.

Widgets are still not functioning correctly.

The Widgets functionality is still faulty and only works for certain Insiders, as we stated in the articles about prior versions’ issues.

Widgets don’t always display, and for certain users, they’re completely useless. This Windows Insider claims that he is unable to access Widgets.

Despite the fact that this is not a system-threatening problem, you can see how this may easily lead to irritation and dismissal.


On many screens, snapping still doesn’t function, and layering is all incorrect.

There seems to be a significant problem with the snapping function, and it appears to be a difficult one to resolve, given that it has been there for many builds.

Maybe Microsoft has met its equal in terms of bugs, or maybe they keep patching them but not effectively enough since they constantly make their way back onto customers’ computers.

Since two or three builds ago, we’ve heard about problems with Windows 11 being used on multiple displays, and the Redmond firm still hasn’t figured it out.

Clearly, Windows 11 is a long way from the beach right now, and getting back will be maybe the most difficult task Microsoft has ever faced.

Everyone believes this because, despite the fact that the tech business seems to be progressing, Insiders are still experiencing the same old issues, despite the fact that fresh updates are meant to solve them.

For certain Insiders, the taskbar and Start menu are still not functioning.

Since we’re on the subject of recurring difficulties, consider the following scenario, which will undoubtedly make you doubt Microsoft’s capacity to solve problems rather than create new ones.

Since build 22000.71, Reddit user Glitchdweller has been experiencing one significant issue that has yet to be resolved.

No matter how hard I try, logging out and back in does not solve the problem. I’ve left comments on the feedback center, but it claims the issue was addressed in 22000.71, despite the fact that it was the version that created the problem in the first place. I’m not sure what the issue is or what the remedy might be.

His taskbar or Start menu aren’t functioning, and no amount of repairs or enhancements appear to help him resolve the problem.


Even when he took things into his own hands and used the registry tool to make some system-level changes, the problem remains, and it’s more irritating than ever.

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